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Welcome to - a place where you can track your progress of playing with different League of Legends champions!

Analyse Your Champion Skills

Check your gaming performance for each unique champion of League of Legends. Evaluate yourself to see how your performance as a gamer changed over time when playing with different in game champions. Find out which League of Legends champions you have mastered most, what style suits you and how you compare agains others players. Search and track your League of Legends stats, use available champion charts to analyse your most remarkable moments in past. Also, see if your champion skill cap as well as overall in game progress has been improving whilst paying with you most likeable or yet to be mastered champions.

Analyse Your Champion Stats

League of Legends offers a vast range of different champions which are unique and may require to adopt specific gaming strategies and skills. This allows a player to chose a champion according to a play style which is most enjoyable to him or her. However, it takes time to learn and master a new champion before you know what it is capable of and what are its strengths and weaknesses. This is why some players dedicate their time in learning how to play certain LoL champion roles. Interestingly, a progress in mastering a new champion can be measured and analysed using in game scores and other performance statistics like overall number of kills, deaths or assists, whether the match was successful or if the farming was done well. Using tools you can analyse your performance of playing with various League of Legends, LoL champions. You can also track you game scores across a timeline to see if you have continued to improve and sharpen you skills. To see champions statistics you can either browse all your top champions listed by champion mastery scores or search individual champion stats. Available League of Legends champion statistics include KDA, win loss ratio, kill, death and assists counts and other in game performance metrics.

Find Out Who Has Mastered The Champion Most

By this point you may already have an idea on what you can find out using this website and you may have already checked your League of Legends stats for many different or most likeable champions. But does it says anything? Would you like to see how you compare to other League of Legends players who have been playing this champion as well? Well, luckily you came to the right place since we strive to collect as much as possible in game data from many League of Legends summoners and from all available regions worldwide. So anyone searching for his or her champion statistics will be added to our database in order for it to be aggregate and represented together with other champion statistics. Player who play a particular champion most successful will be shown on the top of the champion leaderboards. Champion leaderboards will give you an overview how other player have mastered the champions and if there are any differences between players and League of Legends game regions. You can also check players stats more in details by navigating to the stats page. This can be done by simply exploring champion leaderboards and choosing a summoner who you want to see stats for. In later stages you may also be able to see what champion builds are most common and most impactful during the game.