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Get champion masteries and check stats of your most played champions in League of Legends

Have you ever wondered which champions you have mastered most, which one is the most enjoyable to play, needs most skills or is consistent through the League of Legends games. Luckily you can obtain a list of your top and most played League of Legends champions and check their mastery scores. But thats not all, pressing on each champion card will give you a more detailed snapshot and information about your play style and skills in a meaningful way using in game statistics collected from various game matches. Have you also wondered if you keep progressing in term of sharpening your skills as a particular champion player? Not surprisingly, graphs and numbers may be best indicators, so by pressing on selected champion mastery card you will be given aggregated in game statistics both numerical and graphical so you can track your progress across the timeline when you played the champion in various League of Legends matches. Since, the main purpose of this website is to allow you to find out about your play-style and mastery of playing with different League of Legends champions, this section is here for you to allow search for for you in game champion mastery statistics. Just type in your summoner name, select from one of the regions and press search!