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Get champion stats of your most played champions in League of Legends

Have you ever wondered which champion style suits you best or which champion or role you are playing the best? Did you ever wonder if you are improving or if you have already mastered a favourite League of Legends champion? Luckily, you can search for more advanced in game statistics of your League of Legends champions and evaluate yourself to see if you keep improving your overall champion mastery scores. In order to be able to provide these stats, most if not all available League of Legends game matches are analysed to provide some of the key in game player performance statistics! By searching for champion stats you will be able to see your player performance scores across a number of past available games. These statistics currently are limited to KDA (kill death ratio), win loss ratio and counts for how many kills, deaths and assists were made during the match. However, since it is an early first stage of the project you will be able to see other in game statistics like farming, gold income, warding and other scores in future releases (more details about the future plans can found on our Roadmap page). In addition, a graphical overview is given so that you can pin point to a different time in player match history and see its individual stats. Hopefully, a chart of your League of Legends champion stats will be able to provide a broader picture whether you have continued improving as a player and whether there is something you can change as a summoner.